Level up your sales game in Hubspot

Focus on winning sales deals with the 1-Click Sales Leaderboard that plants trees for you

Why use our 1-Click Sales Leaderboard?

Does your sales team have a hard time focusing on their sales goals between all the features of Hubspot?

In Hubspot, you can spend a lot of time making calls, sending emails, checking off tasks and adding information to contacts. You might feel you are doing a lot.
But how much do you actually achieve?

With our 1-Click Sales Leaderboard you shift everyone's attention to winning their sales deals! Accessible from anywhere within Hubspot you can track in real time who is getting the job done! And the best part: Just by using the app we'll plant trees for you!

So, in the end you will reach your sales goals while making our planet a bit greener!

Increase focus

Discover who your top sellers are and who needs support. Thus, setting the focus on winning deals!

Access anywhere

Access your Sales Leaderboard with just one click from anywhere within Hubspot!

Healthy competition

Instead of focusing on the top sellers, just make everyone catch the team mate right ahead of them!

5 trees for free

Our free plan means 100% free, no hidden costs. Plus we'll plant 5 trees each month for you!

Upgrade motivation

Upgrade and increase your team's motivation to sell by planting a tree everytime you win a deal!

What does the app look like?

1- See anywhere within Hubspot how many deals you and your team mates have won.
2- Upgrade and choose your options.
3- Upgrade and plant trees yourself whenever you win a deal!


100% free - forever. Upgrade and plant your own trees whenever you want.

  • catch your team mate ahead of you
  • filter by month, quarter or year and compare to the period before
  • no need to create a new account
  • no need to visit 3rd party pages
  • win at least 1 deal and we will plant 5 trees for you – 100% free!
  • all features of the free plan
  • turn your sales team into planters of trees
  • set how many trees you want to fund with each deal you win
  • adapt your payment at any time
  • cancel at any time
  • no credit card needed
  • have a dedicated administrator for your company

Your FAQ - our answers

Our app fully works with our Chrome extension (the extension works just as well in Microsoft’s Edge Browser).

Just install the extension, go to your Hubspot account, click on the new greenclicks icon in the top navigation bar and connect greenclicks with your Hubspot account.

Thanks to the extension, you will see a greenclicks icon right within Hubspot. By clicking on it, you can see in (close to) real-time who has won how many deals for your company.

Yes. The main difference: The app is not as easy accessible from within Hubspot.

It will be visible as a so-called CRM card on the right side in each of your Hubspot’s deals. From there you can also access the Leaderboard. Equally, access them right from your browser at – save the link as a bookmark!

If you do not want to or cannot use the Chrome extension, click here to integrate our app with Hubspot.

Our 1-Click Sales Leaderboard is completely free. If you win at least one deal per month, we plant 5 trees for you. 

If you want to contribute planting more trees yourself, please upgrade. 

To plant one tree we charge 1 USD or Euro – depending on the currency you chose. 

We recommend planting at least 1 tree per deal you win. This motivates your sales people more compared to just funding a fraction of a tree with each deal. But as every company is different, you can decide how much a won deal is worth to you. You can go as low as to planting only 10% of a tree per deal you win, thus paying as little as 0.10 cents.

There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel your contract at any time. 

Also – if you have upgraded – you can adapt at any time how many trees you plant per each deal won. All changes take immediate effect.

1- If you have been invoiced at least once by us, please contact us, so we can delete your data. If you forget this step, no worries, we will notice this after a while and will delete your data.

2- If you have installed the Chrome extension, uninstall it just as you remove any other extension from Chrome: For example, right-click on the greenclicks icon in your browser and then select “Remove from Chrome…”

3- And in any and all cases, one of your Hubspot administrators has to remove the app from your account.

As Hubspot requires from its App partners, we only collect the data we need to make our app work as described. Please take a look here to see in detail which data we collect.

The data you provide us is encrypted on Google Cloud Servers located in Europe. It is neither published, disclosed nor sold to any third party. 

We partner with expert organizations in planting trees: Eden Reforestation Projects with more than 500 Million trees planted and WeForest with more than 40 Million trees planted are great partners for making sure trees are planted and maintained.

Trees are planted in different continents and countries like Brazil, Zambia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Malawi, India, Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya.

As these are poor and developing countries, the reforestation activity helps communities by developping opportunities like access to clean water, education or food security. Regaining ecological integrity to enhance human well-being is key to ensure the forest will be protected long term.

Also, remember that CO2 emissions travel across the globe following the wind currents. Consequently, in strict terms of CO2 reduction, it doesn’t matter where a project is located.

With our Hubspot app, you can only track the deals you win at the moment.

However, you could connect directly via API to our database and trigger a tree plantation with about any event imaginable. Just contact us below and we can discuss the feasibility of your ideas.

Contact us

– or –

Write us a message – we are looking forward to answering your questions!

About us

At their former company, Pablo and Hendrik participated in the process of making their products CO2-neutral. The investment seemed risky and complex, the decision was delayed for years and the implementation was costly and complicated. A desire for a better solution emerged.

We started greenclicks believing that environmental efforts should be an integral part of business processes. No company should delay taking green actions due to complexity nor to financial restrictions.

Just like our tree planting projects or our clients, we also do not limit our staff to a specific region: We believe in remote working while keeping it fun and personal. Today our passionate team is working from Europe and Latin America.

Take a look at our LinkedIn Page to discover who are the people behind greenclicks. You can find our open positions there – spontaneous applications are also welcome anytime.
Talk to you soon!