Hi there,
thank you for trying our 1-Click Sales Leaderboard!

100% free. No addtional account needed. No credit card needed.


Install the Chrome* Extension

Find the 1-Click Sales Leaderboard right within your Hubspot navigation bar.

* works not only with Google Chrome but as well with Microsoft's Edge Browser. 


In the Hubspot navigation bar click on the icon

Choose your Hubspot account and enjoy your new 1-Click Sales Leaderboard!

Not using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser?

As our Chrome Extension delivers ease of use, we definitely recommend to use it, but you can use the 1-Click Sales Leaderboard without the extension. Without the extension, the app will not be visible in your Hubspot navigation bar.

However, it will be visible as a so-called CRM card on the right side in each of your Hubspot deals. From there you can access the Sales Leaderboard.

Moreover, you can access it right from your browser at app.greenclicks.co Just save this link as a bookmark!

Use the same link to get started: Click here to integrate the 1-Click Sales Leaderboard within Hubspot.

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