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Our expertise lies in seamlessly consolidating your scattered data sources, transforming them into actionable insights, and presenting them through intuitive visualizations.

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You are not alone! 50% of today's companies are not yet data driven. Although the market is full of data apps, they might not integrate your software or are often too difficult to set up.

By collaborating with us we digitize your workflows efficiently,
gather your data and present it in a useful way.
So, in the end you can take the right the decisions to be more successful!

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About us

At their former company, Pablo and Hendrik participated in the process of making their products CO2-neutral. The investment seemed risky and complex, the decision was delayed for years and the implementation was costly and complicated. A desire for a better solution emerged.

We started greenclicks believing that environmental efforts should be an integral part of business processes. No company should delay taking green actions due to complexity nor to financial restrictions.

Just like our tree planting projects or our clients, we also do not limit our staff to a specific region: We believe in remote working while keeping it fun and personal. Today our passionate team is working from Europe and Latin America.

Take a look at our LinkedIn Page to discover who are the people behind greenclicks. You can find our open positions there – spontaneous applications are also welcome anytime.
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